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Nature Diary For August


Bird Migration

Well August has arrived which means the evocative call of the Cuckoo will have to be a pleasant memory until next year as having abdicated their parental duties to their chick’s surrogate parents they have commenced their migration back to Africa

Young Cuckoo

Recent research utilising satellite tracking devices has thrown up some interesting information. It appears the Cuckoo’s use two migration routes one through Italy and the second one through Spain. The birds using the Spanish route are not returning in the same numbers due to the ongoing drought which has significantly reduced the insect population so the birds are unable to stop and refuel while enroute.


There has been a dramatic increase in the number of Dragonflies and Damselflies in and around the lake due to the warmer weather of late. This warmth has also significantly increased the number of Butterflies now showing on both the meadow and the brambles which are in full flower. Talking of Butterflies, the Big Butterfly Count finishes on 7th August so please take the time to do the count and log your numbers on the web site HERE.

Bird Conservation and Observation

The observant among you will have noticed some activity in the bottom corner opposite the boat park. There is a bird feeding area being set up. There are feeders in the trees and a large pole which has peanuts and peanut butter on it. There is also a log pile around the bottom of the pole. If it all works as planed there should be Woodpeckers, Jays and Long-tailed Tits feeding as well as Wood Mice in the wood pile. This should also attract the Stoats and Weasels.


I would like to renovate the nest boxes in need of repair but need some help in doing this.
You may see some nest boxes on the picnic table by the sig- in shed which need some repair work.
There will be more placed there, from time to time.
Help yourself and when they are returned to either the table or placed in the hide (see below), I’ll make sure they go back up.

For those among you how would like to help producing some new boxes there are some specifications below:-

Small box:  140mm x 180mm x 260mm ( L x W x H) with a 28 mm diameter hole, for Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Sparrow.

Medium box: 170mm x 230mm x 210mm with a 32mm diameter hole for Coal Tit, Great Tit and Pied Flycatcher.

Large box: 160mm x 180mm x 510mm with a 45mm hole for Starling, Woodpeckers.

Open fronted box: 156mm x 175mm x 318mm for Robins.


Newly Constructed Hide for your enjoyment

We have constructed a hide which has a large inward opening window with a shelf and a bench seat. The hide will be secured with a padlock and your key should open it. Feel free to enjoy it. Remember to keep quiet. A stealthy approach and gentle entry and setting up will improve your chance of some great sightings.


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