Edited April entries by Steve Hooper-Lawrie


Spring in Full Swing

The arrival of April usually brings in both the arrival of the early migrants and the beginning of the dawn chorus as territories and mates are pursued in earnest.
The catkins are out and buds are swelling. The Cherry tree in the club car parks will soon be in full flower and providing an early feed for the bees and other insects.

The Green Woodpecker has been very vocal in the field behind the lake where the horses are and a Great Spotted Woodpecker has been drumming on the old oak in the bottom corner. The young have a red cap until the autumn; when it will migrate to the nape of the neck on the males and disappear on the females.

Dunnock Swallows

Male Dunnocks can be seen flashing the grey underside of their wings while trying to attract a mate.
Check out the westerly facing surfaces on warm days, as you will probably see Ladybirds sunning themselves as they try to warm up after their winter hibernation. The solitary bees are also out on warm sunny days foraging for their first meal and a much needed energy boost. Fortunately most of the early flowering plants have bright yellow flowers, which make them easy to find. One day we had a rather confused Bumble Bee flying round the rockery dodging snowflakes

With the recent warm weather, the winter migrants will are off north back to their breeding grounds and we won’t see them again till the autumn. There were Swallows and Sand Martins feeding low down close to the water last Sunday.

 There are already birds using the nest boxes in the boat park area and the trees on the right as you make your way from the car park to the lake.

little grebe
Little Grebe

The Dabchicks (Little Grebes) are setting up their territories and have that high-pitched cackling call that comes out of the reeds. They will be seen aggressively defending their mates and territories and will get quite physical with their rivals.

The Black Headed Gulls are in their breeding finery and sporting their jet-black heads which unlike their name suggests only appears during the breeding season. The rest of the year they have white heads.

Thanks to all who have taken the trouble to comment. If you find some time on your hands and build a nest box just place it in the sign in hut and I’ll make sure its put up. If your not sure of the whole size, don’t worry I’ll make sure it has the appropriate whole size put in before it goes up. I’d also like to put up a few bat boxes so if you feel incline to try your hand at one I’ll make sure it goes up.



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